Wooded Lot Cabins

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The chirping of songbirds, the playful bounding of rabbits and squirrels and the careful countenance of deer make a cabin in the woods the quintessential getaway retreat, far removed from the sights and sounds of busy life in the city. There’s something incredibly healing and restorative about being surrounded by trees and wildlife, and many great artists and writers have crafted their greatest works after a retreat to their cabin in the woods.

Trees are the lungs of the earth, reaching high into the sky, fluttering playfully in the breeze and standing firm in fierce storms – they can teach us a lot. Displaying Pear, Dogwood and Tulip Poplar blossoms in the spring and impossibly beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow in autumn, wooded lots
in the North Georgia mountains offer an impressive amount of beauty and a habitat for native wildlife year-round.